Economics Of Mahavira ► 06 ► [06.18] Poverty and Unemployment - Conception Of A New Man

Posted: 29.03.2006

If we want to become someone who matters and want to achieve something, the route will have to be different. On the other hand, if we want only to accumulate wealth, then the way will be a different one. These are certainly two different ways. Let us introspect and reconsider again. We will have to put Economics in the perspective of religion or spiritual philosophy. This is necessary so that the economy may function in a way guided by the overall directions of religions and spiritual philosophy.

Economics, Psychology and Spiritual Philosophy cannot be isolated from one another. It is necessary to understand and weigh the impact that one has on others. This should be examined and studied. It is necessary also to comprehend which discipline affects or is affected by others. If this were achieved, the vision of new Economics would emerge. To give it a functional form, a new man would have to be conceived.

The new man alone will be able to find a way out of the complexities of today.

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