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Posted: 30.03.2006

Principles and the propounder, precepts and the preceptor, theories and the theorists - these have deep mutual relationships. If we talk about principles, it is also necessary to talk about those who propounded them. If we talk about the propounders, then it is necessary to talk about the principles.

Nonetheless, it is true that it is easier to talk about principles, but it is difficult to talk about the propounders. Principles can be known by studies, but it is difficult to say with any assurance that a man can be known by studies. Principles are not as difficult to know and understand, as it is difficult to understand man. I cannot also say how far those who endeavoured to understand a person arrived at a correct conclusion. A great deal of mistakes are made in an attempt to understand an individual as the world of emotions is mysterious and we cannot evaluate it correctly on the basis of man's conduct or behaviour. Even though psychologists and behavioural scientists have made some attempts to understand a person by his conduct, how much of that has been meaningful remains a question mark. In fact, it is also difficult to discuss about a person on the basis of principles. And yet it is necessary to discuss at the ground level on the basis of behaviour.

Four Personalities

Four Personalities are before us as guides or trendsetters

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