Economics Of Mahavira ► 07 ► [07.11] Mahavira, Marx, Keynes and Gandhi - Aims of Marx and Keynes

Posted: 09.04.2006

Both Marx and Keynes had only one goal - satisfaction and happiness. Society should get satisfaction (or happiness). There should be so much wealth as would eradicate poverty and produce happiness. There was, however, no thought given on what followed happiness. It was happiness if the hungry got bread and the naked got clothes. If those sleeping under the open sky got a roof, it was happiness. If some sick person got medicines, it was happiness. When one is limited to economic motivations, one cannot go beyond this. If they had a spiritual goal before them, then the concept of pleasure and happiness would have been entirely different. But in the economic world, there is limited horizon. If they had gone beyond economics and endeavoured to do a little more serious thinking, then, perhaps their opinion about happiness would have been different.

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