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Posted: 26.04.2006


From the time of our birth, we are "on the air". It is not only what we say that is heard, but whatever we think goes out into the universe and returns to us like an echo or a boomerang.

Awareness in living becomes a way to prosperity: a way to inner peace; a way to master whatsoever we want; a way to ahimsa; a way to harmonious relationships; a way to health, happiness, abundance and bliss; a way to understand the power of the soul.


The Immortal Song

May the sacred stream of amity flow forever in my heart;
May the universe prosper, such is my cherished desire.

May my heart sing with ecstasy at the sight of the virtuous;
And may my life be an offering at their feet.

May my heart bleed at the sight of the wretched, the cruel, and the poor;
And may tears of compassion flow from my eyes.

May I always be there to show the path to the pathless wanderers of life;
Yet if they should not hearken to me, may I bide patiently.

May the spirit of goodwill enter allour hearts;
May we all sing in chorus the immortal song of human concord.


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