The Philosophy Of Soul And Matter ► 01 ► [01.04] Knowing Sentient From Insentient Energy (4)

Posted: 01.05.2006

When you know how the vibrations of your emotions are working, you will not blame anybody. You will know that your karmas are attracted to you not because someone else is in control of you, but because of your own passion. Formerly man would blame God or the gods for blessing one and punishing another, as though God were partial. Primitive man would project his inner negative vibrations and fears onto that in-discriminating insentient energy or energies which he called gods.

When you understand how vibrations work in action, reaction, and interaction, and how form is the outcome of your own vibrations joined with vibrations from the universe, you will take your life in your own hands. You will observe how anger attracts anger, how fear invites fear, how greed begets greed. In other words, you will observe how vibrations of one kind attract vibrations of a like nature from the universe.

Once you begin to understand energy, vibrations, and karmas in your own experience, your perception will change and with it, your vibrations. By connecting your own individual form and life pattern with mental and emotional tendencies within yourself, you will become aware of how to change your vibrations from negative to positive. You will know what you want to become, and you will determine your future journey by being aware of your hidden power. You have freedom to destroy or create your future.

Vibrations are ever-changing, ever-fluid, the expression of living life. Therein lies your freedom, your great hope. As light passes through a prism, so energy penetrates living forms. By remembering to shed the light of atma on atom, you will be able to transform vibrations of ill will into amity, vibrations of jealousy into appreciation, vibrations of callousness into compassion, and vibrations of attraction or repulsion into equanimity.

Nourished by the nutrients of healthy vibrations, the lotus of your consciousness will unfold and lift itself to the height of which it is capable. The closer you come to becoming one with your inner quest, the more balanced and centered you will be. The more unified from within, the more you will radiate outward the awareness and bliss of your true nature.

For Contemplation:

"When you go on watching your thoughts, your desires, your feelings, something happens: the light of awareness increases and no dark element is accumulated."

"It must dawn upon you that mind is not operating, governing, or controlling. Mind is operated, governed, and controlled. By whom? By sentient energy, by atma, by that which has the living force of life, a deep awareness of innate qualities."

"The upward movement of soul energy comes to rest only when it attains its highest peak, its point of fruition and liberation. For that it has to complete its mission, fulfill its commitments to the world of living beings, and smooth all the rough edges of heart."

"Each process you take in life can help you to break your fetters and flow in a purposeful direction. When you choose that process which is conducive to your growth, you will have the unmistakable feeling of moving toward your destination: freedom from domination of desires."

"Sentient energy operates in the universe with the help of insentient. They are moving together from beginningless time, manifesting the whole world."

"Vibrations are ever-changing, ever-fluid, the expression of living life. Therein lies your freedom, your great hope. By shedding the light of atma on atom, you can replace nega­ tive vibrations with positive and determine your future journey."

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