Economics Of Mahavira ► 09 ► [09.04] Livelihood with Religion. Limits to Desires - Theory of Economic Progress

Posted: 06.05.2006

Man is a social being, and it has come to be believed that the principal index of social life is wealth. From this point of': view, economic progress is essential. Economic progress is, not promoted by limiting wants. That is why, from the point of view of economic development, multi-application and intensification of wants is called for. Keeping this practical truth in mind, one ancient economist had said, "a dissatisfied ascetic gets destroyed and a satisfied king gets destroyed".

According to this view, it is a virtue for an ascetic to minimize needs, not only wants. To multiply them is undesirable. For a societal person leading a family life, to reduce wants is unnatural and to multiply them is a virtue.

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