Economics Of Mahavira ► 09 ► [09.13] Livelihood with Religion. Limits to Desires - By Birth and by Action

Posted: 15.05.2006

We have given religions the form of castes. In our times, those who belong to a particular religion are so by birth. For a person born in a particular tradition, the religion of that family tradition becomes his religion. For a person who is religious by birth, the pledge of limiting desires is not meaningful. It becomes meaningful for those who are religious by action. Such religious persons are not as rare as saints, but in the context of total population, they are rare.

However, most religious persons are followers of religion only by birth. They do not believe in reduction, of desires, control on accumulating wealth, restraint on luxuries, and in moral principles. Their religion is devoid of morality. They do not consider it necessary to be moral while being religious. They exhibit a liking for religion, but do not practice religion of such religious persons does not i economic progress.

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