Economics Of Mahavira ► 11 ► [11.06] Mahavira and Economics - Change the Thinking

Posted: 24.06.2006

Our concept of Economics acknowledges that man cannot live without monetary resources. At the same time, excessive earning also would not allow man to live happily. In this context, only the principle of few desires, modest works and small possessions alone can give the right view of life. Gandhiji very often used to experiment this. He was a practitioner, not only a preacher.

American journalist Louis Fischer came to Gandhiji and expressed the desire to live in Sevagram for a few days. Gandhiji's permission was obtained. After living there in the hot climate, Louis Fischer's condition deteriorated. Seeing his face, Gandhiji understood the position and said that he needed an air-conditioner. He would arrange one quickly. He asked for a big tub full of water and kept two stools close to it. Louis Fischer was made to sit on the stool. He experienced that the heat had subsided. He was delighted.

Thinking should be in accordance with prevailing times. In my view, everyone cannot be above wealth. But the current thinking about wealth will have to be changed. Then alone it would have meaning for all.

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