Economics Of Mahavira ► 11 ► [11.09] Mahavira and Economics - War Is for Wealth

Posted: 27.06.2006

In ancient times, there were three causes of wars: wealth, women and land. Today the conditions have changed. The wars are fought in the present times for money and for trade. If we do not put a restraint on today's economics, then we will never be able to achieve peace. When did we talk so much about peace, as we are doing today? Everywhere the voices are heard, but the efforts needed for it are not being made. For accomplishing the result in favour of peace, limitation of production and of imports and exports will have to be ensured. The production of commodities, which are debasing the country, will have to be stopped. I am unable to understand why such commodities are being produced at all. But it is undoubtedly a reality that these are being produced. Without stopping these, peace cannot be established, as without stopping undesirable activities, the good work cannot be carried out.

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