Economics Of Mahavira ► 11 ► [11.10] Mahavira and Economics - Three Questions

Posted: 28.06.2006

There are three questions confronting us:

  • Is peace desirable or not?
  • Is freedom dear or not?
  • Do we want purity of life and happiness or not?

Nobody would say that we do not need all the three. If these are required, the means to attain them will have to be mobilized. Devoid of self-restraint, peace will not be gained. For purity of life, the means will have to be refined. If happiness is the objective, one will have to remain healthy, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

With regard to the limits on economic activities, Mahavira said that one should refrain from stealing, should not cooperate with a thief in stealing, and should not buy things stolen by a thief. In those times, evils were not as prevalent as today, but Mahavira who had the foresight of three ages was foreseeing the evils of five thousand years hence. That is why Mahavira could design and prescribe guidelines for man to live happily in future. If happiness and peace are desired goals today, the direction given by him should be evaluated in the present context and adopted.

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