Economics Of Mahavira ► 11 ► [11.12] Mahavira and Economics - Environment and Economics

Posted: 30.06.2006

If the problem of environment had not come up before us, man would not have taken the opportunity for some deep thinking and would not have restrained himself from the mad race. It is only now being realized that if pollution is not minimized, there would be no alternative but annihilation. The realization of the problem of environment should, therefore, be welcome.

Today, this problem has already assumed serious proportions. We used to read in scriptures when the sixth ara ushers in, certain untoward events would happen, but nobody was concerned about it. Today's humans can clearly see that the sixth ara has already arrived before them. The problem of environment is before us and man has got entangled in the problems of economics. He is continuing to dream of prosperity while distress in the form of environmental destruction is threatening him, looking right at him in his face.

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