Economics Of Mahavira ► 11 ► [11.15] Mahavira and Economics - Emotional Experience of Conformity

Posted: 03.07.2006

Let me tell you of my experience. I sent one team of saints to Saurashtra for philanthropic purposes. However, the circumstances so developed that it became difficult for them to get food and a place to live. I got the information that the saints were experiencing difficulty in getting even food and water. A thought came to my mind that by sending them there I did not do the right thing. At that time, I took a vow that as long as they did not get enough food, I would also not take full quantity of food. I did not express the vow before anybody. After one month, the information came to us that saints sent there were getting their full requirement of food and water, which made the realization of my vow possible.

When a person is cognizant of the happiness and unhappiness of others, the phenomenon of selfishness is minimized. Until the feeling that ‘I am not alone' is not fully realized, the problem of environment will get increasingly complex.

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