Economics Of Mahavira ► 11 ► [11.17] Mahavira and Economics - The Question of Unemployment

Posted: 05.07.2006

Another concern is of unemployment. Where has unemployment come from? The cause of unemployment is our education system. I am fully convinced that India's unemployment is the product of its education system.

Earlier, each class was joyfully busy in its own respective occupation. The farmer's son used to do farming; the son of a potter used to make earthen pots, the son of a blacksmith used to do blacksmithy. All were occupied in their respective vocations. The level of education went up and with that, change started taking place in the social environment. After getting educated, people started going away from their family occupations. This gave rise to reluctance in joining the traditional occupations. The village started running towards the city. All this is the result of modern education.

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