Economics Of Mahavira ► 11 ► [11.18] Mahavira and Economics - Of Security and Cooperation

Posted: 06.07.2006

Another question is of security and cooperation. Who provides security to whom? In this world, nobody can protect anybody else. Everybody protects one's own self-interest. Devoid of self-interest, the father does not protect his son; the son does not serve his father. When will this selfish tendency be over? As long as infatuation, anger, avarice and attachment persist in the world, selfishness will also remain. To one father who possessed billions worth of wealth but was lying on the verge of death, the adopted son said: "You are calling me, but is my rich father really on the verge of death? If he is about to die then I may come, otherwise I have no time." There is nobody to take care of the rich man who is on the verge of death. Then who protects whom? Thanks to our preachers that they made us unconcerned about protection. Of course, even the smallest of the small and worthless saints are served. Why is this service offered? Not to please the preacher; it is for the blessing.

Under conditions of famine, when cattle-wealth starts diminishing, voice is raised from all sides for its protection, for supply of water and grass for them. What for? Not for the cattle but for the people who own and benefit from them. If the cattle die, how will one get milk, curd, butter? How will farming be done? The entire thing is motivated by self-interest. Famine and conditions of scarcity occur only now and then. But man has been experiencing scarcity all through time. Millions of people are struggling for food and water. In reality, there is no scarcity. There is only a manmade scarcity and suffering.

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