Economics Of Mahavira ► 11 ► [11.27] Mahavira and Economics - Man Should Become Noble

Posted: 15.07.2006

One thing ought to be clearly understood: nothing would usually happen until man himself changes. It is in nobody's capacity to change a man. Seasons can be changed, nature can be changed, but it is not easy to change a man. If man is to be changed, a full process of change will have to be operationalized after a great deal of experiments and efforts undertaken for along time. The change is not impossible, but it is not easy and simple either.

Bernard Shaw once praised Islam in a public meeting. People listened to him spellbound. After the conclusion of the lecture, one person commented: "It appears that you are going to adopt Islam." Bernard Shaw replied, "I would have certainly adopted Islam but what can I do, the Muslim is not a good person," I also say that all religions are good, but the followers are not good. It is our endeavour that somehow man should become good and noble. Hence all our efforts are in the direction of the Anuvrat movement, preksha dhyan, the study of biological sciences.

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