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Posted: 09.04.2004
Updated on: 30.07.2015

Co-Existence - A Supreme Value

Co-existence of opposites is the reality of this world. Opposing pairs live together. Whenever this truth is neglected, mankind faces the burning problem of survival. Conflict grows because the concept of co-existence is forgotten. The narrow mentality of 'You are wrong, I am right,' creates critical problems in the society. When realizing the ground truth, one changes this attitude; the problems that have intruded in the nature of human beings are automatically solved. The voice of Anekanta should be listened to and applied in day-to-day life. The message of Anekanta for practical life is,Be gentle with yourself and all. Harmonize rather than try to conquer.'
Translation of this message into action would fulfill the dream of peaceful co-existence, and solve inner and external problems, as Albert Einstein has put it once, "The solution will present itself quietly and say 'Here I am'."

Regular Sessions 2004

JVBNA’s regular sessions take place on most Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at North Edison Public Library and American Legion Hall in Iselin, NJ. Samani Mangal Prajna and Samani Amit Prajna continue to conduct these sessions. Yoga and Meditation practices are focused on general fitness, blood pressure, diabetes and stress management.
Swadhyay for adults included lecture series by samanijis discussed later. JVB Gyanshala has continued to teach children about Jainism, ways of controlling emotions and building character as well as the language Hindi.

Adhyatma Padavali Lecture Series

Samani Amit Prajna continues to lead a multi-part discussion on how to achieve Self-Realization at American Legion Hall in Iselin, NJ, as part of the regular Saturday Swadhyay program. One should strive to look beyond the physical body and experience the spiritual self. The main inhibitors in realizing the spiritual self are Ahankar and Mamkar. Ahankar is ‘I Am Something’. Mamkar is ‘I Have Something’. However, the physical body is mortal. Worldly possessions are left behind. The only thing that is invincible is the spirit or soul or the Atma.

‘Freedom from Misery’ and ‘Bhaktamar Stotra Lectures by Samanijis

Why are we practicing religion? Everyone wants to eradicate misery. Practicing religion is a way to eliminate misery. In Tatvarth Sutra, Umaswati says that Right Faith, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct constitute the way to get rid of misery. The starting point of religion is Right Faith. Without Right Faith, Knowledge and Conduct are not useful. If a person has equanimity, right attitude and positive thinking, he or she can overcome misery. Practice of religion should bring about a change in our behavior, attitude and thinking. If that does not happen, we should rethink our religious practice. This was the essence of the lecture by Samani Mangal Prajna. Samani Amit Pragya presented a lecture on Bhaktamar Stotra in Gujarati.

‘Art of Happy Living’ Lectures, Meditation and Yoga at Dwarkadheesh Temple

Samani Mangalprajna on 3rd March led this two part lecture series on ‘Art of Happy Living’. Who is a Gyani? One who knows the Agamas, Vedas, Puranas or Gita? In reality, true Gyani is one who knows the Art of Living or the Art of Religion. Samaniji specified some golden threads for the enjoyment of a peaceful life. In order to lead a happy life, one needs to control the two emotions of ego and anger. Tolerating and respecting each other and bestowing importance to the people around you - are some of the steps in achieving happiness in life. Samani Amitpragya delivered her lecture in Gujarati and led the Meditation and Yoga sessions for women.

‘Outlines of Jainism’ Lecture Series

Samani Mangal Prajna continues to lead a multi-part discussion on the various aspects of Jain philosophy at American Legion Hall in Iselin, NJ, as part of the regular Saturday Swadhyay program. The discussion included the concept of time. Upcoming lectures will feature amongst others the Jain History and the formation of the universe.

Preksha Meditation Camp for Self Realization

This four-hour heavily attended camp was held at American Legion Hall in Iselin, NJ on March 20th. Samani Mangal Prajna and Samani Amit Prajna led an interactive lecture on Self Realization and Preksha Meditation. The Samanijis stressed on self-introspection as an essential for a happy and peaceful life. The participants joined the yoga, relaxation and meditation sessions with enthusiasm.

Ongoing Interactive Youth Discussion Sessions on Sundays

Samani Mangal Prajna continues to lead these interesting 90 minutes sessions. The topics of the past weeks included nonviolence, existence, mantra, yoga, and meditation. Some take home lessons will follow. The definition of nonviolence goes beyond mere physical violence including anger and intolerance. Control of these emotions is the only way to peace. The question of existence has always been intriguing. Who am I? Am I the physical body that is visible? Or am I the spiritual being that can only be experienced by the self? Yoga and meditation can be used as a way to improve the quality of life by facilitating the balance of hormones and other chemicals in the body, thereby affecting behavior.

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