Preksa Dhyana - Theory And Practice ► 02 ► [02.14] Philosophical Basis of Perception of Psychic Centres - Psychic Centres in Ayurveda

Posted: 18.09.2006

"Savvenam savve" is an aphorism in the Bhagavati Sutra. It means that all the innumerable points of our conscious element are psychic centres. However, in certain parts of the body, there is greater concentration of the conscious element than in the other parts. This can be expressed in other words thus:

The whole body comprises of an electromagnetic field, but the intensity of the electro-magnetism in some specific parts is many times more than that in the other parts.

Our brain, sense organs and the endocrines are such specific centres. Ayurveda calls these centres "vital centres" - marma-sthana and they have identified 107 vital centres. Concentration of vital energy takes place in these centres. These are, therefore, the important centres where the conscious field is more intense. There is remarkable coincidence in the location and significance of the psychic centres identified in the Preksa meditation system and the vital centres identified by the Ayurveda system.

Psychic centres vitalize all important organs including the sense-organs and the mind. An important purpose of meditational practice is to establish a more balanced equilibrium in the functioning of these organs. Perception of psychic centres can do this efficiently.

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