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Posted: 19.12.2006
Updated on: 10.10.2010

Yogic Traditions of India with special reference to the Jaina Yoga

The inauguration of the three-day International Seminar on Yogic Traditions of India with special reference to the Jain Yoga (7–9 Dec) and presentation of the 11th Acharya Hemachandrasuri award was held at India International Centre. Bhogilal Leherchand Institute of Indology, Delhi, and Shri Jain Shwetamber Nakoda Parshwanath Teeth Trust jointly organized this Seminar.

Swami Vedabharati presents citation to Dr Mehendale

Swami Vedabharati, the Chief Guest speaking on this occasion remarked that Jaina tradition is very little known to non-Jainas. As a result we are deprived of the valuable knowledge of such a glorious tradition. If Jaina tradition is properly studied, the history of India is likely to be written differently. Many concepts of other Indian traditions may be easily comprehended through the texts and commentaries of Jaina tradition. Prof. Namwar Singh a renowned critics, said that Prakrit is neglected by government. The encouragement given to Sanskrit is far greater than Prakrit. Today, the study of Prakrit is being more vigorously pursued in foreign countries than in India. Professor Madhukar Anant Mahendale was the recipient of 11th Acharya Hemchandrasuri Award. He was presented a Cheque of Rs. 51,000/- a gold plated idol of Acharya Hemachandra and citation, sponsored by Jaswanta Dharmarth Trust of New Delhi. Mr. Deven Yashwant, Managing Trustee of Jaswanta Dharmarth Trust introduced the charitable activities of the Trust. Prof. Mehendale released a Souvenir published on this occasion.

Swami Vedabharai Lighting the lamp

Prof. Christopher K. Chapple, the Director of the Seminar, in his keynote address, presented an exhausting and scholarly survey of the works and studies pursued in the field of Yoga in Indian tradition in general and in Jain tradition in particular and also their mutual impact.

Swami Veda Bharati presents bouquet to Dr Mehendale

The function started with the invocation of Mrs. Deepashikha. Mr. N. P. Jain, Vice-Chairman, BLII, welcomed the guests. Mr. Prakash Vadera, Chairman, Nakoda Teeth, described the activities of Nakoda Trust. Mr. Nirmal Bhogilal, Chairman of the BLII, highlighted the importance of Yoga in modern times in business also. Samani Kusum Prajna also spoke on the importance of the Jaina Yoga and meditation. Shri Rajkumar Jain, Secretary General, Vijay Vallabh Smarak described the history and activities of the Smarak. The Deputy Chairman of the BLII, Gp. Capt. V. K. Jain presented vote of thanks. The lunch was hosted with courtesy of the Chairman of the BLII, Mr. Nirmal Bhogilal.

Swami Veda Bharati presenting Idol of Hemachandracharya to Dr. Mehendale

Prof. Christopher K. Chapple (USA), Prof. Balcerowicz (Poland), Dr. Laura Cornel (USA), Prof. Bansidhar Bhatt (West Germany), Prof. Edward Demenchok (USA), Prof. D. N. Bhargawa (Jaipur), Prof. J. P. Vidyalankar (Delhi), Prof. Mukul Raj Mehta (B.H.U.), Prof. Vimala Karnatak (B.H.U.), Dr. Shashi Prabha Kumar (JNU), Dr. A. Ramulu, (Hyderabad), Dr. V. K. Jain (Lucknow), Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh (Delhi), Dr. Purnima Mehta (Ahmedabad) etc were present on this occasion.

Samani Kusum Prajnaji

In this seminar 26 papers, in total, were presented in 9 academic sessions spread over three days. Prof. Jitendra B. Shah, Director, L. D. Institute of Indology, Ahmedabad, presided the Valedictory Session. His presidential speech was very scholarly and was very much appreciated. Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh presented the summary of the proceedings of the 3 days Seminar. Shri N. P. Jain, Vice-Chairman of BLII proposing vote of thanks remarked that this Seminar is a well beginning. We need to bring to light this hitherto not fully explored area of Jaina Yoga by organizing more such Seminars and Conferences. Prof. Dayanand Bhargawa and other scholars commended the academic aspects of this Seminar.

Mr. Nirmal Bhogilal presents bouquet to Swami Vedabharatiji

The focus of the Seminar remained centred on the Jaina Yoga and its comparative study with other Yogic traditions along with their exposition based on the original sources preserved in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali, Apabhramsh. The question–answer session on all the papers was very lively and thought provoking. All the scholars and dignitaries of the Jain community attending the meeting applauded the efforts of Bhogilal Leherchand Institute of Indology for organizing this Seminar.

Dr. J. B. Shah presents bouquet to Dr Christopher K. Chapple

Here it is also noteworthy that Ministry of Culture (Govt. of India), Indian Council for Cultural Research (ICCR) and Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR) also made financial assistance to this Seminar. Prof. J. P. Vidyalankar compeered the Inaugural and Valedictory Sessions very nicely.

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