Posted: 18.03.2007
Updated on: 24.01.2012



Center of consciousness, subtle consciousness, based on kashaya, based on soul.


Each adhyavasaya has many aspects.

psychical expression (aspect of soul)

  • one of the constituents of the living organism from the spiritual view.
  • adhyavasayas are present in each and every living organism including plants.

Psychological view: Adhyavasaya is subtler than the unconscious.

  • The vibrations of adhyavasaya influence/create leshya (psychic colours).
  • When the vibrations of leshyas enter the subtle world and come into contact with the chitta, the system of the bhava is created.

A subtle level of consciousness, at which its interaction takes place with the karma-śarīra (Karmic body). [Anekanta: Philosophy Of Co-Existence by Acharya Mahaprajna]


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