Maryada Mahotsav - 143rd - [15] Day 2 - 'Acharya Padarohan Samaroh' (Accession Day) - Part 2

Published: 27.03.2007
Updated: 30.07.2015

Dear Readers,

it is said that one should not judge the day by the harvest he reaps but by the seeds he plants. Gurudarshan can be easily said as combination of both. Gurudarshan is possible only when good karmas come in to fruitation so this part can be compared to reaping the harvest. Plus the efforts made for Gurudarshan and the act of Gurudarshan result in binding of new good karmas…, which can be termed as planting of the seeds. In this context, permit me to say that people came to Gangasahar not only to reap good harvest but also to plant new seeds.


People came from everywhere; from Rajasthan’s neighbouring state of Haryana to far flung American city Houston, from near and far. The main courtyard was almost full even before scheduled start of afternoon session (1230 Hrs).


As pujyapravars entered the venue, everyone rose and offered obeisance by saying VANDE GURUVARAM.


The programme started with recitation of Mahamantra by Yuvacharyashri at 1242Hrs. There was a long list of singers / speakers – keen to express their respect and devotion. Some of those are shown here:

  • A group song by Mumukshu sisters with the wordings “seems like heavenly delights are on this earth”.

  • Shri Surendraji Chordia, President of Jain Vishwa Bharati presented a copy of historic message which was sent by Ganadhipati Tulsi from Ladnun on 28th March 1994 to Acharyashri Mahaprajnaji who was then in Chadwas for Maryada Mahotsav

  • A group of young munishris then recited some sankskrit shlokas in honor of Acharyashri

  • Shri Dharmendra Daklia sang a poetry with wordings “Oh Gurudev, please continue to be within my eyesights”

  • Shri Todar Malji Lalani, President of Maryada Mahotsav Management Committee made a welcome speech

  • Girls of Gangasahar Kanyamandal sang a group song

  • Sadhvi Paramyasha ji recited some couplets

  • Muni Nayakumar ji, Samani Kusum Pragya ji and Sadhvi Vinamrayasha ji made speeches

  • A group of munishris hailing from Gangasahar sang a mesmerizing poetry. Acharyashri then interjected and mentioned the wonderful services rendered by Muni Purnanand ji - who also hails from Gangasahar. (Though Munishri Purnanandji was not present in Gangasahar on that day). Acharyashri said that even at old and ripe age of 88 years, Munishri Purnanandji worked with the vigor and energy comparable to a youth. Acharyashri awarded Munishri Purnanandji the title of “Shashan Shri”.

  • After speeches delivered by Mumukshu Dr. Shanta Jain and Munishri Akshyaprakashji (who spoke in english, hindi, gujarati and sanskrit), Munishri Rajkaranji (younger brother of Munishri Purnanandji in worldly relations) rose and expressed his gratefulness for the kindness showered by Acharyashri on Munishri Purnanandji.

  • A group song by Sadhvi Madhusmita ji and her group was followed by short speeches by Muni Deepkumar ji and Sadhvi Chandralekha ji.


  • Another group song by Munishri Sukhlalji and his colleagues was followed by speeches by Samani Niyojika Madhurprajnaji and Sadhvi Mudityashaji.


  • A group song by Samani group was followed by a speeches from Shri Surendraji Choradia, President of JVB, Shri Tarunji Sethia, Mahamantri of Shri Jain Shwetambar Terapanthi Mahasabha, Dr Chandra Shekhar Baid, Member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly and Dr Kiran Nahata of Acharya Tusli Sahitya Soudh Sansthaan
  • Dr Chandra Sharma presented first copies of newly published books and a speech was made by Shri Ashkaranji Parakh of Acharya Tulsi Samadhi Sthal
  • After a group song by Samani Vikashprajanji etc young samanijis, some newly initiated sadhvishris presented a very interesting skit
  • A group song by Munishri Dineshkumarji and his group (with the wordings – Oh Gurudev, you look like incarnation of arihant, you look like lord mahaveer) was followed by a song by Sadhvi Chandanbalaji and her group.
  • After a poetry recitation by Mr Prakash, Mukhya Niyojika Sadhvishri Vishrutvibhaji made a short speech

The MC, Munishri Mohjeet Kumarji was doing a wonderful job. He accommodated as many people as possible within the available time. The wordings – of songs and speeches of all speakers and singers varied. But the theme and message was same. Reminded me of a geetika I often listen: har saans saans mein ek naam hai mahaprajna prabhu pyara, soubhagi sangh hamara (in each and every breath there is only one name – dear Acharya Mahaprajnaji; our fourfold order is really lucky)

By the time Sadhvi Vishrutvibhaji took back her seat, it was past 3:15pm and there were 29 more persons on the pending list.


The assembled public was ready to listen to all and sundries. Many of ladies and gents were still doing samayiks.



In spite of fast approaching gochari time, most sadhvishris and samaniji also remained at the venue. They all looked forward with keen interest to listen to Sadhvi Pramukhashri, Yuvacharyashri and most important of all – Acharyashri as well. But considering the movement of clock’s hands, Sadhvi Pramukhashri and Yuvacharyashri withdrew their names and decided that it was time to listen to Acharyashri’s message.

The person who was subject of all this praise and who has carefully listened all the presentations was about to speak.

Reaping of best of the harvest was about to begin. Dear Readers, I will cover that important message in a separate note. Please do click your mouse towards this website again.

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