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Posted: 29.11.2010
Updated on: 02.07.2015

International Summer School for Jain Studies



Greetings & Jai Jinendra

I am honoured to inform you that Prof Jeffery Long of Elizabeth College Pennsylvania will be the expert faculty from USA to teach at ISSJS2011. He has written an excellent book titles ‘Jainism An introduction’ which has received wide acclaim. He will be with ISSJS2011 for four to five days. 

As a follow up to your meeting with Dr Dilip shah, I wish to emphasize that ISSJSs are aimed at participants from all over the world even though more than 60 percent come from North America. Todate participants from 20 countries have attended various ISSJSs.

I seek your renewed efforts and cooperation in publishing this news as prominently as possible. ISJS website, with downloadable admissions information brochure, application form and requirements and ISJS, is fully operational now.  In 2010 we had six participants from Norway, Germany, Czech, Slovenia and Denmark attend the schools. They were all very satisfied and planning for more activities and research. You may contact the scholar mentioned by you last year for 2011, if possible,

As you know we are offering a series of independent programs in 2011 for undergraduates, graduate students and graduates /researchers and faculty as follow.

Level I     

For beginners and intermediate students/ scholars interested in studying Jainism. In this we are now offering separate program ISSJ2011-3W for undergraduates and another program ISSJS2011-O, now renamed as ISSJS2011-3G for graduate students and those enrolling for graduate studies. ISSJS2011-3G is similar to ISSJS3W in all respects i.e. no financial support to participants and expenses of airfare and US$450 for ISJS to be incurred by the participants but will have higher level of exposure in jain studies than ISSJS2011-3W.

Level II     

For advanced and serious scholars and faculty members of Jainism

Level III    

Specialized one week modules in meditation, art, and study of holy Jain texts in Sanskrit and Prakrat. These programs are in-depth programs for serious graduates /researchers and faculty. Since Level III modules are new, I am giving a brief description of each module for your follow up. I recommend these modules for alumni and researchers /faculty members who are seriously interested in one or more subjects of these modules to benefit from these modules.

 ISSJS2011-SA           Meditation camp

Acarya Dr Shivmuniji, chief acarya of Shraman sangh (Sthankavasi Jains), has developed this program based on Jain meditation practices. It had been already attended by several thousand persons, including myself over the last fifteen years. This year our alumni Prof Kragh and his scholar wife Mrs Kate Kragh attended this program and spent the next week with Acaryaji. They found this as an extremely beneficial program which contributed to overall well being both mentally and physically. This is a residential program involving theory and practice of Jain meditation. I personally recommend this as I have also attended this program several years ago, for our alumni, serious philosophy /religious scholars and alumni of ISSJS. This module had been developed in English.


Study of Jain art and holy places.

This module involves visits to important Jain centres in Delhi, UP, MP and Rajasthan. Places like Ahinsa sthal, Dadabari, Smarak, Lal Mandir in Delhi, Hastinapur temple complex, Mathura Jain museum, Gwalior fort and golden temple, Sonagir, Devgarh and Lalitpur, Jaipur, Ajmer, Ranakpur and Dilwara will be visited. An expert in Jain art with deep knowledge of these places and Jain art will be the tour guide. Those willing to visit Shravanbelgola and Ellora caves after the program shall be offered assistance in visiting these places on their own. Students /scholars of Indian art and history and practical experience of Jainism will find this program very attractive.


Learning Prakrat through study of a holy Jain text (Uttradhyana or Dasavaikalika)

This program aims to teach Prakrat language through the medium of an important Jain holy text. Uttradhyayan is a comprehensive Jain text and considered as the last sermons of Mahavira. It is the most read text by Svetambar Jains. Dasavaikalika, on the other hand is a brief text covering the entire Jain philosophy and practice developed by Acarya Sayyambhava in 4th century BC. It is very suitable in today’s fast food and instant learning environment. This text also is highly revered by Svetambar Jains. A learned Jain scholar with authority in Prakrat and Jain philosophy will teach this module.  Scholars, faculty members and ISSJS alumni will find this module very rewarding.


Learning Sanskrit through Ratna Karanda Shravakacara

This program is similar to SC but focus on Sanskrit language. Ratna Karanda Shravakacara is one of the most revered texts of Digambar Jains composed by Ac Samant Bhadra (revered by both Svetambar and Digambar Jains) in 3rd century AD. This is perhaps one of the most comprehensive text on the conduct of householders. Its study helps us in answering lots of present day issues and also practices of Jain tenets easily. A learned Jain scholar with authority in Sanskrit will teach this module. Scholars, faculty members and ISSJS alumni will find this module very rewarding.

I again request you to please give this wide publicity for eligible candidates to apply and get benefitted by participating in one or many of the above programs. As always I am available at svana(at) to attend to your queries and support your effort to make ISSJS2011 worthy of your association.

 With regards

 Shugan Jain

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