JVB Houston - 7th Annual Family Spiritual Camp

Posted: 07.05.2007
Updated on: 29.11.2012

Akshay Pragya

Vinay Pragya


Samani Punya Pragya 2005

Param Pragyaji

Punya Pragyaji

JVB Houston held its camp on Preksha a Meditation in the serene setting of Margaret Austin Center 60 miles west of Houston. The camp was conducted by Samani Akshay Pragyaji and Vinay Pragyaji from Houston, and Samani Param Pragyaji and Punya Pragyaji from Orlando.

7th Annual Camp on Preksha Meditation Benefits Many

The 7th annual camp was attended by close to 65 participants from Houston, Austin, San Antonia, Dallas, and Florida. Participants were mostly adults but included 15 children as well. The three day camp started on Friday afternoon and continued until mid Sunday. Morning started with Bhaktambar & Preksha Meditation followed by Yoga & Pranayam, and then a full day of diverse activities. Samanijis gave lectures on Anger Management, How to Energize your Body, and Art of Eating, and provided discourses on Mantra & Healing, Contemplation of Tol­erance. Meditation, Relaxation, and Gaman Yoga provided ample opportunities for soul searching.

One of the most exciting sessions of the Annual Camp was the Caption Speaking Contest. It is really a very sim­ple idea but one which tests people’s observation power, speaking skills, imagination and creativity. Here is how it works: A contestant from the audience is asked to come to the stage and a picture is shown to them as well as all the audience on the projection screen. Then the contestant has 2 minutes to observe the picture and speak on it. A time keeper keeps time and gives a warning when 15 seconds are remaining. Two judges award marks on delivery and content. The set of 20 pictures put together by Samanijis were very interesting and covered a wide range of diverse subjects.


Please look closely at the picture whose speaker won the con­test and see if you can come with a good speech in 2 minutes. Almost every camp attendee took part including the kids, and we were amazed by everybody’s imagination and speaking skills. The contest was won by Veronique Moore. Honorable mentions were given to Anshuman Desai, Sanjay Joshi and Nidhi Sankhala on their oratory skills.

Drs Lata Joshi, and Anand & Daksha Basi conducted voluntary tests of Blood Pressure, Sugar, BMI, and Body Fat Analysis of all attendees including Samanijis. They then presented the data in separate groups for men, women, and Samanijis. Results showed how Samanijis living style provided a healthy balance to body.

On 03/31st, Mahaveer Jayanti. Childrens put together a skit to commemorate the day.



Feedback and comments from attendees are dispersed throughout this newsletter [JVB_Houston_Timeless_Wisdom_2007_04], and provide a glimpse of how the camp’s focus on mental peace, fitness, and spirituality - in other words “mind, body, and soul” was met.

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