Preksa Dhyana - Theory And Practice ► 06 ► [06.15] Benefits - Benefit Of Relaxation - Development Of Wisdom

Posted: 12.05.2007

Wisdom constitutes discernment of material from non-material, body from soul, and the physical self from the spiritual self. Discernment is not mental nor imaginary but real. The process can be illustrated by separation, by churning, of cream or butter from whey: this is cream and this is whey. In the same way we can prove separation of the self from the no self: Here is SELF and there lies the body. This is wisdom.

Body is material, self is non-material. Body is perishable, self is eternal the separation is real when wisdom develops. It is a great achievement and the benefit accrues from kayotsarga.

Wisdom is different from intelligence in that the latter is replete with likes and dislikes. This is pleasant and that is un­pleasant Wisdom transcends the duality of like and dislike-at­tachment and aversion. Equanimity and tranquillity take the place of the like and dislike. The benefit derived from relaxation is substitution of intelligence by wisdom. As wisdom matures, intelligence takes a back seat and transcendence of gain - loss, pleasure - pain, criticism - adulation, life - death, and such other dualities is natural and effortless. The dualities are replaced by a single entity, equanimity and bliss.

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