10.03.01 ►Relationship between the Naya and Pramana Types of Knowledge

Posted: 26.06.2018
If reality is not completely comprehended by the naya or by some of the pramanas, the question of their validity needs consideration. What kind of validity would the Jaina like to assign to these partial comprehensions? We have seen that the determination of partial comprehensions is also based on something ontologically true in the structure of the objects. The pramanas that fail to comprehend reality as a...

10.03 ►The Pramana Type of Knowledge and its Essential Nature

Posted: 25.06.2018
Pramana is a valid organ of knowledge: That cognition, through which determination of itself and others is made That cognition, through which right determination of the object is made A limb of logic ( naya ); that valid cognition, which is without doubt and contradiction. Naya is not the only form of knowledge. "Knowledge is accomplished," says Umasvati, "by means of pramanas and nayas ." Generally, we come...

10.02 ►Naya (Non-absolutist Standpoint)

Posted: 24.06.2018
Knowledge is acquired from two sources: sensuous consciousness and transcendental consciousness. Thinking is related to sensuous consciousness; in transcendental consciousness there is vision and introspection but no thinking. According to Jain doctrines, the knowledge gained from sensuous consciousness is only a partial knowledge of a substance. A person that possesses sensory consciousness only knows a part...

Nāth And Dādūpanthī Critique Of Jains

Posted: 07.11.2017
By Monika Horstmann
1. Critique of Jains in vernacular religious literature In northern Indian vernacular literature of the early modern period ideological difference and rivalry between religious groups were articulated in a number of literary forms. Especially three of these come to mind, namely, debate on doctrinal differences, hagiography, and blame. While the various forms may blend, they are usually distinguishable as trends...

Kundakunda on the Modal Modification of Omniscient Jīvas

Posted: 24.10.2017
By Dr. Ana Bajželj
I The whole of Jaina theoretical and practical enterprise is based on the notions of perfection and perfectibility. Even though perfection is not attainable in our time and place, its attainability is supported by the lives of the many omniscients (kevalin), perfect beings of the past and present, who reached perfection by way of progress through their individual efforts. Their perfection is expressed as the...

Naya Manav : Naya Vishwa

Posted: 10.05.2017
By Dr. Ana Bajželj
English version of this book is: New Man: New World HN4U online edition Title: Naya Manav Naya Vishwa Author: Acharya Mahaprajna Language: [Hindi] Edition: 1994 Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh HN4U Pdf Edition: Naya Manav Naya Vishwa [Hindi]

Naya Manav : Naya Vishwa [Hindi] Pdf

Posted: 28.04.2017
Naya Manav: Naya Vishwa नया मानव: नया विश्व Pdf format

Naya Manav : Naya Vishwa

Posted: 28.04.2017
By Acharya Mahaprajna
Naya Manav: Naya Vishwa नया मानव: नया विश्व Pdf format

18 ►Draw A Line Of Demarcation Between Life And Livelihood

Posted: 31.03.2017
Criterion of philosophy of lif Heaven is indirect. Moksa is very much indirect; the peace of mind is direct. The attraction towards direct is much more compared to the attraction towards indirect. A teacher was explaining the style of interpretation to his student. He said—Religion is not indefinable. It can be explained if it touches philosophy of life; then it is more useful and more attractive. Mere...


Posted: 26.03.2017
01.34 Naigamsangrahvyavahārrjusutrashabdā Nayā Audio: Sanskrit: केनैगमसङ्ग्रहव्यवहारर्जूसूत्रशब्दा नया: । Hindi: नैगम, संग्रह, व्यवहार, ऋजुसूत्र और शब्द ये पांच नय है। 01.35 Adyashabdou Dwitribhedau Audio: Sanskrit: आद्यशब्दौ...