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Posted: 29.01.2019
Preksha Meditation involves a series of meditation practices: - Kayotsarg (Relaxation) - Internal Trip - Perception of Deep Breathing - Perception of Breathing Through Alternate Nostrils - Perception of Body - Perception of Psychic Centres - Perception of Psychic Colours - Contemplation Practicing these with deep faith and firm determination, one comes to discover the secret of healthy, peaceful and pure...

B. Sharir Preksha (Perception of Body)

Posted: 19.10.2017
Perception of Body is an alternate third step of Prekshadhyan. In this step the body is perceived not from open eyes but through conscious mind. Eyes remain closed. Taking the conscious mind to each and every part of the body, perceive transformations, vibrations and sensations taking place inside the body as an observer. This is called Sharir Preksha. In this practice we have to feel the touch of the cloth,...

Third step: Shvas Preksha - Sharir Preksha - Chaitanya Kendra Preksha - Leshya Dhyan

Posted: 18.10.2017
The third step of Dhyan is practised in few alternatives: Shvas Preksha (Perception of Breathing) Sharir Preksha (Perception of Body) Chaitanya Kendra Preksha (Perception of Psychic Centres) Leshya Dhyan (Perception of Psychic Colours)

Samani Parimal Pragya

Posted: 10.07.2017
Samani Parimal Pragya is an experienced trainer of Preksha Meditation, deep relaxation, perception of body, and very well versed in acupressure. 2002 she travelled to Europe, to Germany, Belgium, Italy, England. Before she had travelled to various regions of India. Other places: 2004: JVB Houston 2005: JVB Orlando 2006: Gangawati 2007: Bangalore 2009: Uklana 2010: Madurai 2011: JVB Houston 2012: JVB Houston...

Video ►Preksha Meditation ►Sharir Preksha By Muni Kishanlalji

Posted: 11.06.2017
Sharir Preksha By Muni Kishanlalji Published on 14 Apr 2015 For more information you can visit:- http://www.herenow4u.net/index.php?id... Sharir Preksha - Perception Of Body Sharir (body) Preksha Meditation: In this we have to see the body not with open eyes but with mind, eyes are closed.Mind goes to each and every organ and experience the changes,vibrations,emotions like a viewer.The feel of cloth sweat,...

Importance of Science of Living : Anuvrat, in the modern Education system

Posted: 19.05.2017
By Prof. Naveen Kumar Jain
Importance of Science of Living: Anuvrat, in the modern Education system The aim of education system is to impart humility to all so that so called educated human is full of compassion towards downtrodden, animals, insects, plants, rivers or even mountains. The larger goal on the education system is to liberate human beings from all the sufferings that’s too at the permanent basis at the individual level, and...

Socio-Spiritual Significance of Preksha Meditation

Posted: 16.12.2016
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Introduction The Indian thinkers, however, unanimously hold that the absolute elimination of the passions of attachment and hatred, greed and anger is not possible. In fact, the spiritual disciplines propounded in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, the three major religions of India are in perfect agreement on this issue that meditation, in some form or the other is considered as the only way to attain salvation...

Acharya Mahaprajna ►The 39 HN4U Online Editions of his English Books

Posted: 07.08.2016
Acharya Mahapragya HN4U Online Editions of his Books in English are in text format. Click to read: A Handbook Of Preksha Meditation For The Trainers Posted on: 15.08.2008 This Handbook of Preksha Meditation is a small guideline showing examples of schedules from the system of Preksha Meditation. Abstract Thinking Posted on: 15.08.2008 A man's life-style is conditioned by his thinking, which also forms...

Social Relevance of Ṣāmāyika (Six Obligatory Duties)

Posted: 29.01.2016
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
The soul in its pure form is embedded with infinite perception, infinite knowledge, infinite bliss, and infinite vigour. These natural inherent attributes are not, however manifested by worldly soul, because it is smeared with karmās . The large number of ritualistic practices throughout the world has been devised to get rid of the kārmic impurities and eventually liberate the soul from the bondages of...

7.2 Pathway of Preksha Therapy

Posted: 08.09.2015
The mechanism of preksha therapy is based on fundamental principle of the correction of imbalances and perversions occurring at either levels of multilayered human existence. It aims at uninterrupted self-awareness. Pure stream of consciousness interacting with micro body (Records of information) moves forward and energy flows in the form of Adhyavasaya (Primal drives). This energy flow then enters into the...