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Posted: 13.09.2019
Samani Jin Pragya Samani Kshanti Pragya JVB Orlando Welcome Program JVB Orlando welcomed Samani Jin Pragyaji & Samani Kshanti Pragyaji on April 14th 2019 Mahavir Jayanti Mahavir Jayanti was celebrated at Shanti Niketan on April 17 2019, a well-known elderly homage colony. The topic- Track of Life based on Bhagawan Mahavir’s preaching adapted to present lifestyle. From...

Tattva Deepika

Posted: 25.07.2019
By Sadhvi Jin Prabha
Sadhvi Jin Prabha ji has collected material on Jain Metaphyisics. It throws light on Theory of Karma, Life Cycle and many other Jain technological terms. Book in Hindi (PDF)

Darśanācāra (Conduct-qua-Faith)

Posted: 13.07.2019
The conduct that is related to the right faith is known as Darśanācāra (the conduct of faith).. Right faith means faith and interest in truth. Right faith is of two types-(i) transcendental (ii) empirical. The transcendental right faith is related to the internal purification of the soul only and the empirical right faith is related to the monastic, sects or sampradāya ...

Ways of Knowing Previous Births

Posted: 26.06.2019
There are three ways depicted in the Acārā ṅ ga S ūtra for knowing the previous births: One's own power of recollection Exposition by the omniscient Hearing directly from others Sva Sm ṛ ti (One's own power of recollection) One of the ways of knowing one's previous birth is, the awakening of one's own power of recollection. Memory of previous birth through one's own power of...

Īryāpathikī and Sāmparāyikī kriyā

Posted: 16.06.2019
There are two kinds of Bondage - Iryākpathika (Instantaneous) and Sāmparāyika (Long Term). The bondage which occurs due to physical act only is called an instantaneous bondage, while the bondage caused due to passions is called a long-term bondage. Nature of Īryāpathikī kriyās When the body is in motion, the activities undertaken by the body for motion are called as...

Analysis of Kankṣā Mohanīya (View-deluding Inclination)

Posted: 08.06.2019
Generally, kānkṣā is considered as a subtype of Mohanīya karma. In Bhagavatī, there is a description that bondless-śramaṇa (an ascetic) experiences kānk ṣ ā mohanīya (view deluding inclination) in thirteen ways viz. due to suspicion, misguided inclination, doubt, split in opinion and defilement, in respect of varieties of knowledge, belief, conduct,...

Structure and Contents

Posted: 20.01.2019
According to Samavāyā ṅ ga and Nandī, this text has more than hundred chapters, ten thousand sections and ten thousand sub sections. The available text does not match with the above said description. At present it has one hundred and thirty eight Śatakas (chapters) and 1925 sections. Out of them, first 32 śataka are independent chapters. From 23th to 39th śataka among these...

08.10.2018 ►Chennai ►43rd Mahila Mandal Adhiveshan

Posted: 09.10.2018
Chennai: 08.10.2018 43rd Adhiveshan of All India Terapanth Mahila Mandal was held at Chennai in presence of Acharya Mahashraman from 3 to 5 October. lpresident Kumud Kachhara and Chief Trustee Sayar Bengani led sanklpa rally. Acharya Mahashraman chanted Mangal Path on request of ladies wing. Sadhvi Pramukha Kanak Prabha addressing women told that you are representative of half world. Kumud Kachhara announced...

07.10.2018 ►Chennai ►43rd ABTMM Adhiveshan 'Sankalpa' in Presence of Acharya Mahashraman

Posted: 08.10.2018
Chennai: 07.10.2018 43rd Adhiveshan of All India Terapanth Mahila Mandal 'Sankalpa' was held at Chennai in presence of Acharya Mahashraman on 3 to 5 October. In leadership of president Kumud Kachhara and Chief Trustee Sayar Bengani sanklpa rally organised. Rally reached in feet of Acharya Mahashraman and heard Mangal Path. Sadhvi Pramukha told women are representative of half world is marching ahead with great...

05.10.2018 ►Chennai ►Mahila Mandal, Vijaynagar Gets Award

Posted: 07.10.2018
Chennai: 05.10.2018 43rd Adhiveshan of All India Terapanth Mahila Mandal held at Chennai in presence of Acharya Mahashraman. Sadhvi Pramukha Kanak Prabha, Sadhvi Kalplata, Sadhvi Jin Prabha gave training. Mahila Mandal, Vijaynagar awarded best branch for their work for Pratikraman workshop. Vijaynagar mahila mandal president Saroj Tantra, secretary Mahima Patwari attended adhiveshan. All members of Vijaynagar...