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Launch of New Edition of HereNow4U

Published: 15.08.2008
Updated: 02.07.2015

Dear Reader,

is online since
19:00 MET

The site is databased and will become faster everyday.

Some parts are unfinished e.g. [MEDIA] and others have to be cleaned up [e.g. GLOSSARY]. The move of the content of Edition 2 left some problems in the layout of a lot of articles - some articles lost their author's informations or pictures, etc. So there is still a lot to do in the next weeks.

At the moment it is a "basic version" - open for many nice extentions to come... [ check top menu |Calendar|:other views ]

We are happy about:

  • No more double work on 2 sites simultanous.
  • Holidays the next 2 days to relaxe....

Thanks to:

  • Raoul Huebner - software development
  • Marten Lietz - software development
  • Nora Steybe - moving big parts of the content

What's new?

  • Navigation:
    • Use BACK button of your browser to go back to previous view, if necessary.
    • See Help on bottom line of pages how to learn more about navigation features inside the magazine
      [under construction, of course ]

  • The Top Menus
  • Top menu |magazine|:

    The new concept is

    • Displaying the new content of the last 8 days in a structured overview
      • The Headlines are according to the left menus
        • Click on article name and you enter the article.
        • Click on the Headline and you enter the menu, where the article is filed under.
    • On Fridays this page is exactly our Newsletter content
      • At the moment the newsletter is text only.

    Menus on the left can contain submenus to some level down.
    Enjoy exploring the depths....
    For the rules of content displays of each level see Help.

  • Top menu |books online|:

    • Books have got a table of content which is directly accessible from each page.
    • Forward/backward navigation from page to page.

  • Top menu |archive|:
Offers chronological & alphabetic access: Chronological  0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 
  • use Chronological
    e.g. if you want to see articles older than 8 days (no longer displayed in top menu |magazine| )
  • use Alphabetic option, if you know the name of an article you are looking for.
  • Top menu |glossary|:

    Extended Link Concept:

    As the number of articles raised over 9000 we became aware that we lost the overview on the content. This became deficient for linking information.

    So the new software generates automatically:

    • Glossar Links inside each article for existing glossar terms.

    • [article glossary] inside each article.
      with jump-link to textposition of each listed glossary term
      and link to main |Glossary|

    The |Glossary| is accessible also by menus, which execute preselections by their terms.

    • Glossary terms
      show a list of

      • Related Articles
        sorted by relevance

        (Terms from edition 2 still have their handmade link listing - will be cleanup by and by)

    • Authors
      show 2 lists

      • Publications by author
        list of articles/books

      • Related Articles
        listing sorted by relevance
        • on the bottom click on
          • more/all
            to display...


    Workflow during research on a glossay term inside the magazine:

    1. Click on a Related Article to enter it.
    2. Check the [article glossary] on the right side (extended informations)
    3. Click on the jump to glossar term link
      Read text relevant to the glossary term you started with from the glossary.

    ►= 3 clicks to get at the relevant spot inside a text.

  • Top menu |calendar|:
  • Shows a 1 year overview in list form (similar to Edition 2):

    Upcoming events
    Period: 17.08.2008 - 16.08.2009 (view the whole calendar)

    When you click on view the whole calendar, you enter a monthly view of calender.

    in the top line you can change the year

    = month view

    = Year view

  • Top menu |media|:
will contain
  • pdf
  • videos
  • pps
  • audios
  • etc...
probably end of august 2008 finished. meanwhile use the media listed in MEDIA

Last not least:

  • Fulltext Search (top right, available on all pages)
To search inside this magazine.
New articles enter the search database within 24 hours (nextday availability)

Click on categories below to activate or deactivate navigation filter.

  • HereNow4U
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