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Published: 23.03.2010
Updated: 30.07.2015



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Part 1




  • Benefits of Preksha Meditation for contemporaries
  • Meditation or Medication?

Muni Mahendra Kumar:

  • Providing a profound analyse of the situation
  • More people are suffering from emotional than physical disorders
  • Lack of control over desires is main hindrance to a happy & harmonious life
  • Own weakness to get control over desires causes violent, forceful & exploitative reactions from others
  • Mismanagement of the own system can be stopped
  • Science has proved that emotional system is amenable to own control
  • Biochemical transformation frees from the stress generating pressure of desires
  • Psychosomatic diseases can be cured by triggering the auto-healing system
  • Quasi-miraculous results in improvement of behaviour
  • Knowledge has increased, but know-how fails to teach the nature of things
  • Wisdom more required than knowledge


Part 2



Muni Mahendra Kumar:

  • Knowledge is not enough to restore mental & emotional balance in human life
  • Activating the dormant energies for developing human qualities & virtue of temper
  • Preksha Meditation appropriate tool to mastermind the brain
  • Fight or flight - the hereditary biochemical code of the animal brain
  • No acceptance of animal brain reigning the system
  • Long term practice of Preksha Meditation the key to wisdom


Part 3




  • Request for a simple, not much time consuming way to make this year a year of compassion

Muni Mahendra Kumar:

  • 5 minutes of contemplation on 365 days will make a difference
  • Contemplation of compassion and universal friendliness
  • Compassion: My heart is filled with compassion for every living being
  • Universal friendliness: I will respect and tolerate every living being



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