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Published: 18.10.2016
  1. A kind of Kālika Śruta (a category of Āgama (2) (canonical work) which can be studied only in the first and last quarter of day and night); in which the description of the dos and don'ts of general rules and exceptions etc. regarding the monastic conduct is given. One of the four Chedasūtras (four canonical works, viz., Niśitha, Vyavahāra, Kalpa, Daśā)).
kalpyante- bhidyante mūladiguṇā yatra sa kalpaḥ.

(TaBhā 1.20 Vṛ)

kāliyaṃ anegaviham paṇṇattaṃ taṃ jahā- uttarajjhayaṇāiṃ dasāo kappo vavahāro nisīhaṃ...

(Nandī 78)

  1. That rule or code of conduct, on the basis of which the Samācārī (rules of conduct qua etiquette, formality and convention) is conducted.
'kalpaḥ sātnācāri'

(BṛBhā 4266 Vṛ)

  1. A type of heaven.
  • Kalpopaga Deva
  1. The garment which is used by the ascetic for wrapping his body; the upper robe.

(ONi 591)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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