Published: 01.07.2008
Updated: 08.01.2021


This magazine is about Liberation & Jinism (Jainism), one of the eldest & most advanced strategies on how to lead a happy & meaningful life & getting ready for the big change. More than 2600 years ago its last propounder of this cycle Tirthankara Mahavira had lived in India & reached what until now many consider possible for gods only. He attained omniscience & left this world for once & all, was no longer part of the cycle of life and death, nor to him any existing thing was intransparent or unknown. Deliberated of the limitations all of us still are in, namely time & space, he showed the path to higher reality to his disciples which means to all those aiming to emancipate from all kind of attachment.

This knowledge was literally preserved for about 100 generations by oral tradition, later on by scriptures. Want to know more & what has it to do with nowadays’ - just surf the magazine for details. We are two German followers of Jain Dharma, a married couple since 25 years, and Jains since 8 years. Why? We have not only discovered the dreams of our childhood become true in the Jinas’ teachings, our lives also have changed to better. As proposed by the teachings. They simply are true & manageable in 21st century life. How to prove? “Search the truth (in) your Self.” Said Mahavira. He renounced his princely life & tried how far a human being can reach by restraint. How far human beings can go by desires & greed, he knew. This also is age-old… The world is like it is - like it was - like it ever will be… Wanna know what’s beyond? Here you are.

Karuna Jain, 15.08.2008

Our world view has changed, our world demands a new approach to keep it going. We have to change the situation we are all in. For our normal view the world became too complex and our running systems had started to fail to solve the problems.

For those who feel the same & are aware of the urgent need to face reality - to become strong enough to dare it and able to handle it - the way to find out is open for everybody.

Reality is sourced from within.

So come back to yourself - don't mind the world and don't follow it blind.

Get back to a sane balance between the materialistic & the immaterialistic world by trying to understand what immaterialistic means.. and you will discover yourself. Take your time. Make sense - not money.

Aparigraha Jain, 15.08.2008


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