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Published: 08.02.2018

A kind of Utkālilca Śruta (a category of Āgamas (canonical works), which is allowed to be studied at all time barring the akāla prahara (i.e., the period in which the study of Agamas is prohibited));

complied by Śrutakevalī Śayaṃbhava. It des­cribes Caraṇa (ethical conduct to be practised perennially)- vows etc., Karaṇa (8) (i.e., perfor­mances of monastic conduct to be undertaken from time to time for definite purposes)- pinda- viśuddhi (the rules of accepting food etc. in conformity with the conduct) and ācāra-gocara- -vidhi (the procedure of observance of the disci­pline of the ascetic conduct).

(Nandī 77)

apuhattapidiattāiṃ niddisiuṃ ettha hoi ahigāro. caraṇakaraṇāṇuyogeṇa tassa dārā ime hoṃti...

maṇagaṃ paḍucca sejjaṃbhaveṇa nijjūhiyā dasajjhayaṇā.

veyāliyāiṃ ṭhaviyā, tamhā dasakāliyaṃ nāmaṃ...

(Dani 4.14)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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