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Five Vows and Six Avashyakas - The Fundamentals of Jaina Ethics [10]

Published: 06.07.2005
Updated: 02.07.2015


For the specialists, we mention in abbreviated form the sources used or mentioned by us. Avashyaka I (old formula): Refer to Dasavaikalika IV. -- Avashyaka I-VI (Avashyaka I etc.): Jaina Agama Series No.15.1977; also Haribhadra's Tika, 1916-17 and LEUMANN 1934 (fn.2 supra). -- Avashyaka V (oldest known Jaina work): Refer to Acaranga I 8. -- Avashyaka VI (early text): Upasakadasah.
Shvetambaras and Digambaras. The well-known split of the Jaina church into Shvetambaras (monks and nuns wearing white robes) and Digambaras (monks naked, no nuns in a narrower sense) has not been mentioned by us as it has no direct bearing on our subject. It took place some time in the first half of the first millennium A.D. The word S. occurs in the title of a book (Terapanth Svetambara Jains). Moreover, the Digambaras form the Jaina church which denies the possibility of direct salvation for women.

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