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Greetings of New Days 2007

Published: 01.01.2007
Updated: 02.12.2010

Greetings of New Days

The flow of time is unceasing.
We can use our precious and passing moments
to nourish and enrich our hearts
by loving ourselves and all living beings.

May amity permeate our entire being,
soothing us like a healing balm
so that we, in turn, soothe others.

Let us delve deeper into ourselves
and feel the celestial and gentle core of love.
The experience will bring to our lives
kindness and beauty and infuse in our hearts
the warmth that can melt away the dross of hatred,
antagonism and resentment.

Let love renew our life and bring to it
freshness and joy that shine through a friendly smile,
a sincere word and a loving action.

Not the New Year Day alone, but may every throb of our life
be a moment of loving happiness.

With Love & Blessings
Pramoda Chitrabhanu

The Immortal Song


May the sacred stream of amity
Flow forever in my heart.
May the universe prosper,
Such is my cherished desire


May my heart sing with ecstasy
At the sight of the virtuous.
And may my life be an offering
At their feet.


May my heart bleed at the sight of
The wretched, the cruel, the poor.
And may tears of compassion
Flow from my eyes.


May I always be thereto show the path
To the pathless wanderers of life.
Yet, if they should not hearken to me,
May I bide in patience.

* * *

May the spirit of goodwill
Enter all our hearts.
May we all sing in chorus
The immortal song of human concord.

Shree Chitrabhanu

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