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Dimensional Views [ 01.12 ] Relative and Absolute Views

Published: 08.03.2006
Updated: 22.05.2008

Dimensional View is a holistic affair.

0 1 2 3 4

All dimensions 0-1-2-3-4 are ever present.

After a lot of absolute views on each single dimension,

Absolute views help to analyze
elements involved on the dimensional level (points - lines - planes - cubes)
limits and limitations (views from one dimension to another)
internal rules (move perpendicular)

we already got in touch with some relative views:

  • Relative views show us e.g. the relations between the dimensions, dependend on the point of view and it's direction.

    The pentacle is the abstract symbol of the figure 5,
    like the human hand mentioned in Dimensional Views [ 01.02 ] Dimensions At Your Hand

Try this exercise:

  • Relative views, from position zero [0]:
  1. from 0 to 1
  2. from 0 to 2
  3. from 0 to 3
  4. from 0 to 4

continue viewing from position 1,2,3,4 [for training]

The connecting lines symbolise the lines of views possible.

The oppositional direction:

From the point of being viewed:

  • Each of the 5 points always can be viewed from 4 points.
      1. from 1 to 0
      2. from 2 to 0
      3. from 3 to 0
      4. from 4 to 0
      • continue with position 1,2,3,4 [for training]

Some hints for a holistic, integral or anekantic view:

  1. "Clear the table" (empty your mind)
  2. Place only the needed elements for integration on the table (concentrate on it)
  3. A meditational attitude is recomended (see how you see)
  • Have you recognized some 2D and 3D objects in the pentacle while following the lines of view [1D] exercise above?
  • How many at the same time?

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