Dimensional Views [ 01.09.1 ] Special : Moebius Strip and Arts (2)

Published: 16.02.2006
Updated: 22.05.2008

When we build a Moebius Strip, we made the plane (strip of paper) go through 3D space by twisting it.

  • The Moebius Strip is a curved plane in 3D.

Now lets press the moebius strip flat on the table.

In left picture we see a hole like a triangle in the middle.
To avoid this we have to shorten the length of the strip.

Without the hole in the midle we get this view:


Its a hexagon - containing the sequence: 1-2-3

  • 1 triangle (green)
  • 2 triangles (light green)
  • 3 triangles (violet)

A hexagon designed like this
represents a cube (3D space), seen from a specific standpoint.

For the Creatives

Here is a design for reconstruction:

save the picture (it comes full size), print it, cut out the strip and tape it (glue #1 on #9)

Fold the strip along the triangle lines, where the colours change.

from above
moebius strip design

Try yourself

Hexagons have 6 equilateral triangles inside (each side has the same length).
The angel between 2 sides is 60°.

If you use squared paper for your own ideas
you can define the 3 edges of an equilateral triangle
by counting the squares.

2 examples for reconstruction

The background for these designs is a "knot" structure.

Knots too have their specific systems building networks by connecting lines (1D) to planes (2D), including space(3D) into their construction process.

A lot of knowledge about dimensions, their visual perception and meaning is hidden in these old techniques.


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