Integrated Personality

Published: 12.06.2008
Updated: 12.03.2009

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mahavira proposed two principles: transcendental and empirical. When we want to work, we should be empirical and when we want to attain the truth then we should move to the transcendental level. We cannot attain truth, while existing in an empirical world and we cannot conduct our life with a transcendental approach. Both life and truth are important. Life has to be lived and we have to reach the truth. Therefore, we have to develop an integrated personality. Prekshadhyana is the practice of spirituality. People practicing Prekshadhyana are actually practicing spirituality, which takes them to the self. The external boundaries are terminated. There is a lot of difference between the within (internal) and without (external). Externally what we see as truth is a misnomer.

A person, who has not realized spirituality, cannot have an integrated personality. All religious people say that happiness and sorrow are felt through our sense organs. Eating, drinking and making merry are all sorrows. The above statement will appear false to a person living in the sensual world. But only the person, who has meditated within his inner Self and activated his conscious centres, can understand the true nature of happiness. He only can feel the truth, whether the bliss is within or without. When the intuition centre and the bliss centre are activated then only real bliss is realized and man is able to clearly differentiate and declare that such bliss can never be experienced through food, drinks and other material enjoyments. This is an entirely different kind of happiness. Now only the person who has reached that level can understand why the spiritual masters did not consider external pleasure as happiness.

This realisation comes only when man has looked within. True faith in religion and spirituality can exist only in that person who has realized it from the very depth of his consciousness. The person practicing Prekshadhyana achieves concentration and the restlessness of his mind starts disappearing. Actually, bliss is experienced only when our inner vibrations get activated with the concentration of the mind. Where does bliss lie, in the material world or in the mental state? So actual bliss lies within, though we have assumed this to be available outside in the mundane world. Our personality is integrated when we experience the within (internal) as well as the without (external). A disintegrated personality has a lot of wrong beliefs. Communal intolerance and fanaticism are due to a disintegrated personality.

Deccan Herarld - by the efforts of Mr. Lalit Garg.
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