Control Your Anger

Published: 08.11.2008
Updated: 08.11.2008

Greater Kashmir, Srinagar


And there is a Meditation Practice that will help you get out of a furious state of mind, - writes Acharya Mahaprajna.
The purpose of meditation is to bring about transformation. The one who comes to meditate does so to change. If the idea of change was not there meditation would not seem so attractive. Man wants to change.

Only yesterday a gentleman said, "I get very angry. I want to change. My friend told me that if I practiced meditation then I would automatically get less angry."

That is why even without invitation hundreds of people join a meditation camp. Man desires change; he does not want to remain the same always. Nobody wants to remain a child. He wants to grow into a young adult. No youngster remains young. They too become old. Just like youth has its excitement, old age too has its excitement. One who has not experienced old age and does not know the joy of being old will not know the real pleasure of being old. All the problems associated with youth, which create chaos, which harass and which arise due to the immaturity of the mind finish off when they enter the arena of old age. Does he then get to know what happiness is? What joy is! There is no joy in childhood, in youth or in old age. And yet, if we can just get the key to happiness, there is plenty of joy in childhood, in youth and in old age. The one who has not reached old age would not know the joys that await him there. Every person can experience the joys of all ages. He can pass through every state.

We should know the principles of change. Every man wants transformation. The entire process of meditation is to bring about transformation. I have seen that people who have not been able to change for many decades have changed in one meditation workshop.

Man's nature changes, his habits change. A man has many problems in his life. Anger, ego, fear and deceit are some of them. If we go closer to reality, look at the truth, then we will find that twenty-five percent of our sorrow is real and the remaining seventy-five percent is unreal, caused by our ignorance, thinking and beliefs. We suffer them. If we enter the zone of truth or get closer to truth, seventy-five percent of our sorrow would disappear.

An angry man suffers himself and makes his family suffer also.

In reality every man wants to change. Whether the angry man wishes it or not, his family members would definitely wish that he change for they all suffer because of him. He suffers himself and inflicts suffering on others too. Fire bums itself and bums others.

Keep anything on fire and it will start boiling. Fire burns and destroys everything leaving behind only ashes. In the workshops of meditation, fifty percent of the people who come are self-inspired. Others inspire the remaining fifty percent of the people. Those who have benefited inspire them and tell them to go change. Motivated by such inspirational advice, many people come and join the workshops and even undergo change. Some people do not want change.


Greater Kashmir, by the efforts of Mr. Lalit Garg

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