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The Process Of Arousing Energy

Published: 12.04.2009
Updated: 13.04.2009

Deccan Herald

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The process of arousing energy is an important experience of life. One who is unable to step forward in this direction is incapable of doing anything. An incapable man is a wretched man. His wretchedness will never come to an end. He will remain an object of pity throughout his life. It is strong men who have done something good or bad in the world. Weak persons have not achieved anything. Possession of strength is the first sign of success in the world. But it is not enough to be strong. Knowledge combined with strength gives us a full life. If an ignorant man became powerful, he will misuse his power and meet evil consequences. The life journey of a powerful man who commands knowledge also is a happy journey because it is a new journey never taken up before. It changes the entire process of life.

A powerful but ignorant man will always cause trouble to others. As a matter of fact, such a man causes trouble to himself also. He will mislead others towards false ideals. He will himself pursue false ideals. Attached to unreal things, he will cheat others. He will deceive himself also. On the other hand knowledge combined with power turns the entire effort of man towards a blissful life. Such a man tries to know and attain truth which is his self. He can under no circumstances be harmful to others.

Once you have started making efforts for knowing and perceiving the self, you will begin to come nearer to such a truth where there is no ignorance and self-negligence any more. If you are really very earnest in self-search your self will never sleep.

The progress of wakefulness produces some strange experiences. The enlightened man says, “Brother Anger, nor go away and seek some other abode. Do not expect anything here. Brother Pride, you should also depart now. Mother Deceit, you have nothing to do here. You may also leave. Brother Greed, please quit and go anywhere you like.”

Anger, pride, deceit and greed remain active only when we are not wakeful.

Spiritual experience change the course of life and turn it towards bliss. Samayika is an exhilarating experience. It is an enlightened experience. It is bliss. The self-experience, the more the Samayika and vice versa. Experience of the self and experience of things other than the self are mutually opposite experiences. They can not go together. Two parallel lines never meet.

Deccan Herarld - by the efforts of Mr. Lalit Garg
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