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AIC ►Video ►Acharya Mahashraman ►Valedictory Session

Published: 24.01.2015
Updated: 10.02.2015

Anuvrat International Conference

Valedictory Session Speech

A verse from Jain scriptures:

आयावयाही चय सोउमल्लं, कामे कमाही कमियं खु दुक्खं
छिन्दाहि दोसं विणएज्ज रागं, एवं सुही होहिसि संपराये

“Abandoning (एबन्डनिंग) the luxurious life, observe simplicity; transcend the indulgence and the problems are resolved. By remaining free from attachment and aversion, you can lead a happy life.”

I think that in this divine maxim we get a key to the global problems. In short, if a human being learns to put a check on his desires, he would neither create new problems nor suffer from his own unquenched thirst.

I would like to analyze the endeavour (एन्डेवर) made in this august conference. I think it is a rare combination of people from multiple disciplines and cultures; they are scientists, ecologists, economists, thinkers, sociologists, scholars, philosophers, professors and academicians.

Three themes were mainly discussed:

  1. Sustainability and Circular Economy.
  2. Ecology and Conservation of Environment.
  3. Relevance of Anuvrat in Day to Day Life.

On the basis of whatever information I have gathered, I find that all of you are keen to act conscientiously (कनसाइनटीअसली) till the ultimate aim is achieved, and hence, I would like to suggest a few effective measures which I hope you will probably agree with and will make a point to get them implemented universally; Irrespective of caste, creed and colour.

The first one: Equality and importance of all living beings. Hence, let one’s desires, needs & consumption be restrained; let ecological and environmental balance be not disturbed. For the interest of only a few, let the many be not disturbed; Let the well-known maxim परस्परोपग्रहो जीवानाम्, that is, mutual service is the characteristic (केरेक्टरिस्टिक) of the animate world, be realised in global perspective.

Let another maxim सव्वभूयप्पभूयस्स that is, considering each and every other soul as the same as one’s own soul, be the guiding principle in all development programmes.
The second one: Let the Internal Environment, be kept free from the vitiation(विशिऐशन) of destructive emotions such as violence, indulgence, enmity, jealousy etc.
The third one: Let the positive attitudes and noble thoughts such as universal friendliness, compassion for the depraved (डीप्रेव्ड) ones, altruism (अल्ट्रूइस्म), prudence (प्रूडेंस) and wisdom with respect to the interest of humanity at large, etc. be cultivated through right education and training. For this importance of the virtues and ideals like sacrifice, renunciation, voluntary practice of austerity, mutual co-operation and adjustment etc. is required to be emphasized(एम्फेसाइज्ड) irrespective of caste, creed, colour, nationality, gender, class, group etc. Then more and more efforts are needed to imbibe them in life.

I hope that the last day of this conference will become the first day of our action plan and it will last for all time to come till we reach the end of the establishment of everlasting peaceful eco-friendly world order.

With Mangal Bhavana, that is, auspicious well wishing for all, I conclude my valedictory address.


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