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12 Bhavanas

Published: 21.04.2016
  1. Anitya Bhavna - Impermanence of the world
  2. Asarana Bhavna - No one provides protection
  3. Samsara Bhavna - No permanent relationship in universe
  4. Ekatva Bhavna - Solitude of the soul
  5. Anyatva Bhavna - Separateness
  6. Asuci Bhavna - Impureness of the body
  7. Asrava Bhavna - Influx of karma
  8. Samvara Bhavna - Stoppage of influx of karma
  9. Nirjara Bhavna - Shedding of karma
  10. Loka Bhavna - Transitory of universe
  11. Bodhi-durlabha - Unattainability of right faith, Bhavna knowledge, and conduct
  12. Dharma Bhavna - Unattainability of true preceptor, scriptures, and religion


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  1. Anitya
  2. Anitya Bhavna
  3. Anyatva
  4. Anyatva Bhavna
  5. Asarana Bhavna
  6. Asrava
  7. Bhavna
  8. Body
  9. Dharma
  10. Dharma Bhavna
  11. Ekatva
  12. Ekatva Bhavna
  13. Karma
  14. Loka
  15. Nirjara
  16. Nirjara Bhavna
  17. Samsara
  18. Samvara
  19. Soul
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