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Published: 13.10.2016
  1. Name of the first of the twelve Upāṅgas (auxiliary canonical works). A kind of Utkālika Śruta (a category of Āgamas (canonical works), which is allowed to be studied at all time barring the akāla prahara (i.e., the period in which the study of Āgamas is prohibited));

it serves as the text of Varṇaka (stock passage used for description of a city etc.) and is a canonical text furnishing introductory information about the heretic philosophers.

(Nandī 77)

  1. The soul subject to reincarnation.
atthi me āyā ovavāie.

(Ā 1.2)

  1. The celestials and internals, as they are born through Upapāta (a type of birth of a Jīva (soul) which takes place spontaneously from certain inanimate objects, and not through sexual or asexual reproduction).
aupapātikā devanārakāḥ.

(Sthā 8.2 Vṛ Pa 395)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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