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Kārmaṇaśarīra Kāyaprayoga

Published: 27.10.2016

Activity of Kārmaṇa body- When the soul in the Antarālagati (motion of the Jīva (soul) after death in the space)), remains Anāhāmka (2) (not to appropriate any Āhāra (alimental materials) except Taijasa Vargaṇā (group of material clusters qua fiery body) and Kārmaṇa Vargaṇā (group of material clusters qua Karma)), there takes place the Kārmaṇaśarīra Kāyaprayoga Also in the third, fourth and fifth Samayas (smallest time-units) of Kevalī Samudghāta (spatial expansion of soul-units by the omniscient soul beyond the body), there is Kārmaṇa Kāyaprayoga.

iha kārmmanaśarirakāyaprayogo vigrahe samuaghatagatasya ca kevalinastrtīyacaturthapancamasamayesu bhavati.

(Bha 8 64 Vṛ)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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