Beyond Sustainable Economy: Disclaimer

Published: 23.08.2017

Most scientific data and texts are directly taken from the article 'The Energy Future', written and posted on internet by David Pratt[1] on his website Exploring Theosophy: in 2011 (with some later updates locally). The present editor of Beyond Sustainable Economy (Rudi Jansma, himself being an ecologist), has checked and sometimes updated data to reflect the situation as it was at the time of preparing the present publication, in December 2015. The main text is directly taken from Pratt's article, but had to be condensed by the editor for practical reasons. Any mistakes and distortions – if any – are the full responsibility of the Editor only. The editor has added extensive commentaries on his own, and placed these between square brackets. Also he has added some sections under his own name. The original author has no responsibility for any changes or additions to his text. Also, the editors has added some sub-chapters under his own name, for which, of course, he alone is responsible.


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Title: Beyond Sustainable Economy
Author: Dr. Rudi Jansma, Dr. Sushma Singhvi
Publisher: Prakrit Bharati Academy

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  1. Beyond Sustainable Economy
  2. Rudi Jansma
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