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Published: 12.03.2018


1.That ascetic (Muni), who is well acquainted with the evils of enjoying those sensual plea­sures which have been renounced.

paṃḍiyā ṇāma cattāṇaṃ bhogāṇaṃ paḍiyāiyaṇe je dosā parijāṇaṃtī.

(Da 2.11 JiCū p. 92)

2.One who is equipped with the right know­ledge.


(DaHāVṛ Pa 99)

3.Ascetic- That Jīva (soul) who is totally abstinent, who is a scholar of the Tattva (category of truth), and also is self-restrained (ascetic).

viraiṃ paḍucca paṃḍie āhijjai.

(Sūtra 2.2.75)

phalavadvijnānasamyuktatvāt pandito-buddhatattvah samyata ityarthah.

(Sthā 3.519 Vṛ Pa 165)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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