Pratishtha Mahotsav At London Oshwal Centre (03.1) - Chandanbala Play By Jain Vishva Bharati London

Published: 30.08.2005
Updated: 17.11.2010

The evening program for Pratishta Mahotsav was offering a broad choice of cultural performances, such as plays, dances, and recitations of religious songs.

On Saturday, 20th August, JVB London was invited to perform their Chandanbala play.

Chandanbala (Shivani Sethia) is about to get to know the king's,
her father's (Subhash Bhandari) decision to leave the country instead of fighting.

Chandanbala is distressed by the death of her mother (Rekha Choraria).

Chandanbala is going to be sold on the market.

Lord Mahavira (Paresh Shah) is blessing the people who are wondering when and by whom he will accept food and break his fast.

Chandanbala, in chains, offers the food she had got after three days only, to Lord Mahavira who is accepting it.

All lay actors had done a very beautiful and meaningful performance. People were giving big hands to all.

Samanijis Punya Pragya (first left) and Pratibha Pragya (second left) were called on stage by Dr. Atul Shah (right), editor of Jain Spirit Magazine. Dr. Shah had given the meaning of the play, performed in Hindi, in English language. His comments were supplementary highlights of this remarkable evening.

Samanijis Pratibha & Puniya Pragya thanked all participants for their efforts resulting in such a beautiful performance, all visitors had highly enjoyed.

Photos Courtesy: Devendra Shah, Oshwal Association London


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