HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 03.14 Taranagar - Darga Haveli

Published: 27.02.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012

21st November 2006, 17:00

Street in front of Oswal Bhawan

We stepped out, and the view of the road reminded old friends to Karuna, the family who had hosted her seven years ago. She even remembered the direction we had to go, and after some minutes, we were in front of ‘Darga Haveli’, her hosts’ beautiful family seat, which Aparigraha admired already in the morning, when Yuvacharyashree went for alms there.

Daga Haveli, house of Daga family Mrs. Daga & Karuna meet again after 7 years

Darga Haveli, ‘house of the Darga family’ was glowing in the afternoon sun. An old lady was the first who discovered the visitors. She was sitting on the bank in front of the entry. Immediately two kids of the family, one girl and one boy, hurried to the door and were astonished to see us approach apparently familiar with their home. Seven years ago, they were small children, now they enjoyed our arrival. They called their grandmother, Mrs. Darga, who heartily welcomed us. She was very happy to receive us, there was no question if she remembered Karuna, and her smile was the answer!

Living hall of the Daga family

Inside, the daughters-in-law also enjoyed our visit and remembered Karuna. The traditional living hall has beautiful ornaments and colours. Some years ago, the family started the ‘painting project’. The ceilings were painted with characteristic scenes of Lord Mahavira’s life. All members of the family were enthusiastic about it, they said to be always in high spirits when they look to the sky – the courtyard inside the house has an opening to the sky for circulation of air in the hot season - and see Lord Mahavira.

Living hall of the Daga family

Now, in 2006, the paintings in the hall were completed. The walls are decorated with flowers in diverse bright colours, bringing beauty of blossoming nature into a house at the random of the semi-arid desert Thar.

Living hall of the Daga family

Every motive differed slightly from the next, but also had a similarity with it.

Servant in the living hall Living hall of Daga family's house

All motives are traditional Rajasthani art work, people still know how to ornament white marble.

Karuna in the basement of the Daga house, where she was accomodated 7 years ago

The ground floor has many columns made of white marble, which harmonisez with the colours of the carpet and the wall decoration.

Karuna with one grandson in the basement of the Daga house, where she was accomodated 7 years ago

In the guest room at the end of the columns Karuna was accomodated seven years ago, the boy remembered her after some time!

Basement of the Daga house

Meetings of social organisations of the Jain community are held here or business partners can be hosted without disturbing the family's daily routine.

Basement of the Daga house Karuna with two grandchildren in the basement of the Daga house, where she was accomodated 7 years ago

This reception hall is huge, hundred people easily can feast here.

Basement of the Daga house

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