HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 03.7 Taranagar - Dinner At Rakhechas' Family Seat

Published: 13.02.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012

20th November 2006, 18:30

Dinner at Rakechas' family seat; Karuna, Swami Dharmanandji, Shri B. R. Rakhecha
For dinner, we were invited at Rakhechas’ family seat. The three brothers were brought up in this house and had received their first education in Taranagar. They have cheerful memories of this time and felt always lucky with the strong educational base from Taranagar. “When the basement is constructed carelessly, what about the storeys?” asked Mr. Rakhecha.

The traditional Rajasthani courtyard activated Karuna's memory. Seven years ago, during her first stay in Taranagar, she was invited for breakfast in this house. The family members remembered her also. She was happy to meet them again.

Dinner at Rakechas' family seat; Avantika Rakhecha in front of her birthday cake, Karuna, Avantika's mother Avantika Rakhecha shares her birthday cake with Karuna, whose birthday it was as well.

Avantika Rakhecha entered the courtyard, and her father told us that it was her birthday. When the family got to know that it was Karuna's birthday as well, Mrs. Rakhecha immediately lit another candle for Karuna and Avantika spontaneously shared her birthday cake with her.

S. L. Rakhecha, Avantika's father, Avantika, Swami Dharmanandji, Karuna, Avantika's mother, B. R. Rakhecha Avantika shares her birthday cake with Karuna, both are cutting it Avantika and Karuna mutually feeding with birthday cake, Swami Dharmanandji watching them

Avantika's parents, her uncle, Swami Dharmanandji and us stood around the cake, and both, Avantika and Karuna, cut it and then put the slices in the other's mouth.

The ladies of the family have come to give well-wishes to Avantika Ladies of the Rakhecha family taking dinner together

Suddenly a group of ladies merrily entered the courtyard, dressed in beautiful colours. They gave well wishes to Avantika and to Karuna, and we all had dinner. Mr. Rakhecha gave some details on the old house, built about 150 years ago. Even his father, Shri Motilal Rakhecha, was born, brought up and educated here. His great-grandfather wanted to create a location where the whole family can live together and everybody's needs are met. At this time, families were much larger than nowadays, and the house was sized according to the number of family members.

The 3 brothers remember the house full of people and themselves sitting in a corner of the courtyard, doing their homework. Actually, the eldest brother lives permanently in the house with his family, but not in all rooms. Therefore, the first floor normally is locked.

Foto of Shri Motilal Rakhecha, the grandfather

To maintain such a big old house is very difficult, all materials have to be brought from far away. “I wonder,” said Mr. Rakhecha, “how my great-great-grandfather had managed all this at the time of camel chariots! Even my father had some difficulties to get material for maintenance.”

As we wanted to go for evening Guru Darshan, it was time to leave. The Rakhecha brothers offered their support whenever needed. Some days later, we remembered these words and experienced the proof thereof.


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