HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 03.5 Taranagar - Afternoon Visit To The Saints

Published: 09.02.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012
20th November 2006, 16:30

We did not know Munishree Dhananjay Kumar personally and asked where we would find him. When we entered the room where he stayed, he was editing some text. We got suddenly aware that neither camera, nor note book were ready. Munishree smiled at us with the incomparable smile of a Jain Muni, detached, alert, and full of compassion.

We asked Muni Dhananjay Kumarji what the editing work on Acharyashree's books is like. He explained that there are two kinds of books authored by Acharyashree; they are either compiled from his lectures and talks or dictated by himself.

Muni Dhananjay Kumar wanted to know what exactly we are doing and was happy to know that HereNow4U online magazine is spreading the teachings of Lord Mahavira in form of a broad choice of articles and 19 books, 11 out of 19 by Acharyashree, in the Internet. As his time was limited this afternoon, Muni Dhananjay Kumarji had to leave for an appointment with Acharyashree.

In the courtyard, we saw a group of Munis; some of them were known to us. Two young boys of eight years caught our attention, as they were completely focussed on every gesture of the Muni they were with. One of them originates from Ladnun, where we saw him two years ago passing whole days with the Munis at his tender age of six. He had expressed the strong determination to become a Muni as soon as possible, but he was judged too young for realisation. Now, after two years, he had succeeded in being permitted to wear the cloth of novice. We did not know the other boy in novice cloth.

A young Muni approached and addressed us smilingly in fluent English, “They really want to become Munis, but they are too young. It will take time to get permission. With me, it was similar, I understand them.”

The boy we knew from Ladnun was focussed on Muni Akash Kumar. When Muni Akash Kumar affirmed that he felt very happy after Diksha, the novice looked into the sky with bright eyes.

Muni Sumermalji (Sujangarh ) with Muni Sanmati Kumarji and another monk taking alms in the courtyard Muni Sumermalji taking alms from the lady of the householder group Muni Manilalji (r) and Muni Jay Kumarji

Meanwhile, the courtyard was filled with Munis and visitors. Muni Sumermalji (Sujangarh) with Muni Sumati Kumar and another Muni of his group were accepting alms from a lady who came with a group of householders specially to see him. Muni Manilalji (r) and Muni Jay Kumarji (l) watched the coming and going; sunset and time of the Sangh's Pratikraman was near.


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