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HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - 02.4 Kolkata - To Sadhvishrees For Darshan

Published: 08.01.2007
Updated: 02.07.2015

To see Sadhvishrees, we had to go across Vidyasagar Setu Bridge, that spans the Hooghly river, linking Howrah to its twin city Kolkata. Vidyasagar Setu Bridge is a sister bridge of the famous Howrah Bridge.

The Sadhvishrees stayed at Suresh Goyal’s home, situated in the centre of Kolkata. We enjoyed the drive in the car and were happy that it still was with us. Sushil responded that it takes 1,5 hours to go by bus to Sadhvishrees, as Kolkata metro does not link to Howrah.

Situated in the centre of Kolkata, the Goyal family’s home is a spacious residence, where the Sadhvishrees receive visitors in a light flooded hall, give lectures and celebrate functions with manageable audience. After entering, we immediately felt why people talk of auspicious presence of Sadhvishrees. The rays of their spiritual energy were present in the atmosphere, soothing everybody’s mind.

Sushil presented us to the Sadhvijis and Sadhvi Nirvanshreeji immediately remembered the interview he had taken from her in behalf of HereNow4U. Sadhvi Nirvanshreeji asked Karuna if her answers had been of any help to her. Karuna confirmed how useful Sadhvishree’s answers had been for discussions in Germany when people worried how vegetarian diet corresponds with physical health and work effectiveness. Sadhvi Nirvanshreeji simply had stated, “Look at the entire Jain community, their members are the best examples how to stay healthy and efficacious with vegetarian diet!”

Then Sadhvi Nirvanshreeji encouraged us to put further questions. We wanted to know how one could realise in daily life that we are not the body when it is indisposed. She responded that it is most important to change attitude:

“We should always try to focus the mind on bigger aims to achieve. When we give to much attention to bodily sensations, we might not reach our aim. For example, our group of Sadhvis has to reach a certain location when people are awaiting us. When something is disturbing our mind, we might not reach it. Therefore it is important to change attitude towards the body. We have to provide it with all it needs, but should not focus our attention on it. Bodily sensations come and go, we should be aware that this is the very nature of the body.”

Again, Karuna had got a very useful response without realising yet its real meaning!

Sadhvi Dr. Yogkshem Prabhaji was taking keen interest in our editorial work for HereNow4U and got to know its increasing spreading. She said that interest in Jain Dharma is growing hopefully all over the world.

Then we got the possibility to talk to every Sadhvi of the group. All of them are in it since their initiation. For us, it was remarkable to perceive how the group was acting in peaceful concordance. Without talking together, every member of the group knew exactly what to do and when.

Visitors for Darshan were lively coming and going, some stayed for watching our encounter with the Sadhvishrees. The children in the room were amazingly quiet, just happy to be there, as all of us were. Then a couple approached Sadhvishree Nirvanshreeji to ask for her blessings for safe journey. Their destination was Taranagar, Rajasthan, to meet H.H. Acharya Mahaprajnaji and to visit their family, as they were originating from there.

Meanwhile, it was time for Sadhvishree’s dinner before sunset, and we were invited to have tea and snacks in the joining room.

Aparigraha is only seen on two photos with Sadhvishrees, as it was his responsibility during the tour to take nearly all photos! Only when Karuna or someone else remembered this, they quickly asked him to pass the camera. Fortunately, Sushil was alert, Karuna was too much occupied with enjoying Sadhvishrees' presence.


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