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Dimensional Views [ 01.14 ] Consciousness

Published: 16.03.2006
Updated: 02.07.2015
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We have seen now in different views, that dimensions grow from 0 to 4 in the way of moving perpendicularly to itself

  • Perpendicular to gives the direction " right angle (90°)" to move.

Now let us have a look on Itself.

  • Itself terms the relevant Self of each dimension.

We already had a visit to flatland in Dimensional Views [ 01.10 ] Looking Inside 2D and maybe you had a deeper look inside Mr. Abbott's Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions and a good time there.

0 1 2 3 4

Now we are going to have a similar look at the

Self of a Square

The square is a representative of [2D].

From our human dimensional point of view a square's meaning of life is to move perpendicularly to itself to participate in a higher dimension, to reach one more degrees of freedom.

To the square this sounds good, but it has no selfconsciousness, because it is an abstract object. So we imagine we give it a virtual life to continue our story:

In short, we tell him about dimensional views and the square starts to reflect, to analyze and view his constituents as follows:

  • it has 4 vertices

    He respectfully welcomed these 4 points at the 4 edges of his equilateral existence as enlightened elements from [0D], which already achieved 2 degrees of freedom in movements in their dimensional uplift from pure point [0D] - to endpoints of a segment (line) [1D] - to become vertices of a square [2D], as he stated.
The points anwered that they are actually
  • 8 points - in view of his 4 vertices (4 segments of lines with same length, each segment limited by 2 points at each end).
  • Innumerable points in view of lines [1D] which moved perpendicular to itself to build a plane (the square) [2D].

This was the moment the square turned his attention to the lines between the points and respectfully welcomed them as his 4 [1D] elements, already achieved 2 degrees of freedom in movements.

The question came up to him: Who then am I?

And the square started to look inside himself and saw only emptyness - the flat.
And the square returned to his outsides and recognized he was only points and lines - noflat.

He was flat and noflat at the same time.

His 4 vertices (and their 4 enlightened doubles) and his 4 lines became all motionless and started to concentrate in meditation. So the square followed consequently.

While it's the nature of dimensional concentration that lines and everything become smaller and smaller and finally all come to the point, it happened to the square that he came to the point too and it's potential being flat and no flat ended here, at the origin of everything, and he realized the idea of a perpendicular move to himself, because this information was waiting here for him.

Now they all raised from deep meditation, the square uprised his consciousness and looked down the first time and he saw himself down below and he saw himself in space and the cube was born -

  • and now they are 6 flats, 12 lines and 8 points waiting for the cube to wake up.

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